DeafBlind Ontario Services – Array Services Partnership

In 2019, Array Services and DeafBlind Ontario Services came together to investigate the possibility of integrating our administration, systems, and approaches to enhance specialized services for persons with sensory loss (Deaf, hard-of-hearing, non-verbal and deafblind). By coming together, the two organizations will be able to increase capacity, serve more people and use resources more effectively.

The focus of the integrative partnership will be on strengthening the collective abilities of the two organizations. Our goal is to share knowledge and explore efficiencies, ensuring that the people we serve and their need for specialized services are the top priority.

DeafBlind Ontario Services supports individuals with deafblindness through accessible residential and customized support services in remote communities and urban centres across the province. They take a holistic approach to providing Intervenor Services that are customized to each individual’s unique needs, method of communication, and goals to increase their independence and enrich their life.

Innovator of the Year

The Ontario Disability Employment Network (ODEN), hosted the ‘Rethinking Disability’ Conference from October 22 – 24th, 2019.  Tanya Duncan and Kirsten Harbottle were invited to participate in the Innovation showcase to present the employment resources that have been developed by the SEP team over the past few years as part of a 4-year Employment & Modernization grant through MCCSS to develop accessible training tools.
Array Services was thrilled to hear that on October 24th, Tanya and Kirsten were presented with the ‘Innovator of the Year’ award in recognition of their efforts.
To learn more about the project please go to our website at:


Employment & Modernization Projects

We have completed the work on our EMF 2 project in an effort to modernize employment supports.  Our EMF 2 funding gave us the opportunity to develop WHMIS and Health and Safety Training in an American Sign Language format while researching best practices for employment supports in developmental services.  We were also able to complete a small business guide and workbook to further explore alternative employment opportunities for people facing challenges to traditional employment.  All resources developed are now available on our Resource page –

In May 2018 we were excited to discover that our proposal to continue our redevelopment was approved for the EMF phase 3 of the modernization of supports.  The $75,000 we received in grant funds from the Ministry of Children Community and Social Services will be used over 2018/2019 and 2019/2020 terms to modify existing Job Path curriculum to suit the needs of of people who don’t speak English as a first language/use American Sign Language to communicate.  It will also afford us the opportunity to work with the Ontario Disability Employment Network in an effort to bring AVAIL technologies into Canada.  AVAIL is an app that is being used in the United Kingdom for people who face challenges in communication, and services as both an integrated task list, and communication device.  We’ll be using the technology and building an ASL library for use by anyone using the app.  For more information on the Employment and Modernization Fund please click here.

Array Services celebrates 40th Anniversary

On Tuesday May 15th, 2018 we marked 40 years of providing exceptional services to people living with disabilities who benefit from a Sign Language environment, with a celebration and the launch of our new name.  Stakeholders from near and far came together to reminisce, to celebrate achievements and to imagine the possibilities for the future.  Thank-you to everyone who was able to attend in person and those who were there in spirit.