For over 40 years, Array Services has been a leader in the development of accessible communication for the people we serve.

We were thrilled when in 2017, we were approved to further this work, developing American Sign Language-based work training tools as part of an Employment and Modernization grant from the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services. This grant allowed us to develop training tools that are delivered in American Sign Language, English and in illustrations. They are intended for use by those who; speak English as a second language, those with learning disabilities, or those who are Deaf or Hard of hearing.


An overview of WHMIS training, explaining key concepts and symbols.

Small Business Guide

The purpose of this guide is to help potential entrepreneurs explore what it takes to run a small business in plain language using concrete examples. Given that most Support Workers in Developmental Services (in particular) do not have specialized knowledge of business planning, this guide can provide the background information needed for facilitating small business workshops. The Guide and Workbook are intended to be used together to help people make an informed choice about their employment options and to develop a small business plan if they choose to explore starting their own business.

How to Start a Small Business – Guide

Small Business Guide Workbook

For Employers

We have a number of skilled candidates who are actively pursuing employment opportunities.  Our Employment Brochure explains how we work with area businesses to assist in the hiring and retention process.

Array Employment Supports Brochure