Located adjacent to one another on Hunter Street in beautiful downtown Peterborough, Ontario, Array Services offers two Community Participation programs: The Communication Opportunities Relationships Education (CORE) program, and the Supported Employment Program (SEP).

These two programs work collaboratively to provide individuals with community day support options to suit their needs, goals, and abilities while offering the individuals being supported by the widest variety of choice possible. Both programs strive to challenge the status quo and help people supported find meaningful community participation or employment opportunities within the Peterborough area that suit both their interests and dreams.

The CORE is a community-based day supports program.  Employing visual and signing environments, the CORE strives to work with individuals from Array’s own residential programs, individuals from local long-term care facilities, and individuals who attend on a fee-for-service basis, to develop a weekly schedule of activities that is fueled by each person’s own interests and goals. The CORE’s central location allows access to the many businesses, facilities, and services that Peterborough has to offer.

For many who arrive at our service, frustrations related to communication prevent them from accessing everything their community has to offer.  This program is often the first step in affording the experience of immersion in a visual language environment.  By starting with a small safe community of people who use different ways to communicate, it often opens the door for the development of more effective communication strategies and a lessening of frustrations.  From there people start to build relationships and explore more of the community-based options available to them.  CORE offers a wide variety of both in-house classes and activities as well as volunteer placement opportunities within their vast network of local agencies. All staff members are trained in American Sign Language (ASL), Non-violent Crisis Intervention (NVCI) and behavior as communication techniques, with some having received advanced training in the areas of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) supports.

Our Supported Employment Program (SEP) offers a host of skills training and development in American Sign Language (ASL) environments. We work to provide individuals with supports that are tailored to their specific needs and develop the skills necessary to achieve their goals in the areas of employment, education, and independence.

Once skills are developed, staff support individuals to determine what work they would like to pursue and use a variety of methods to assist those who are job ready to pursue, secure and maintain competitive work experiences.