Group Living

For those individuals who may have complex behavioural or medical needs and who have been identified as requiring access to 24/7 supports.

The Civitan House provides support in a home-based environment that has been adapted to meet communication, behavior, medical and accessibility needs.  The staff have not only received training in American Sign Lanuage (ASL), but also in Cooperative Communication and advanced behavioural support techniques.

In 1999, Array Services opened a building to provide innovative alternatives to traditional group living. The apartment complex is divided into four units, two of which are wheelchair accessible, providing accommodation for up to seven adults. This 24/7 staffing model allows opportunity for every individual to experience the pride of having their own apartment and learn what it means to be a good neighbor.

The supports provided by these programs encourage and promote community involvement and independence in all activities of daily living in safe supportive environments.

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Developed for those individuals who are able to live semi-independently within the community with minimal support from staff.

Individuals supported through Supported Independent Living (SIL) live throughout the city and schedule appointments with staff to discuss finances, set-up medical or dental appointments or for assistance with personal concerns. Staff also assist individuals with setting up technology devices (Computers, Skype, lighting systems, bed shakers etc) to meet their accessibility needs.

Supported Independent Living (SIL) supports may be increased or decreased based on individual needs or preferences.

By blending our agency and community resources with individual goals, we facilitate informed choice, and promote empowerment and development of self, while advocating with and for individuals to ensure their rights are respected.

Long Term Care (LTC)

It has been recognized by the Ministry of Community and Social Services (MCSS) that individuals living with developmental disabilities often need additional supports in Long Term Care (LTC) settings.  Array Services provides supports to those Deaf, non-verbal and hard-of-hearing individuals who benefit from supports delivered in American Sign Language (ASL) but who live in Long Term Care (LTC) settings, to ensure people continue to have access to supports in their language and maintain contact with the Deaf community.