Our core philosophy is that all behavior is communication and that many behaviours are born of frustration.  If people are given the tools they need to communicate effectively they can and will reduce their frustration, reach their goals and ultimately lead a higher quality life.

Our approach is individualized and holistic, based on observation and experience. We challenge people to try new things, new methods and new activities in an effort to seek out new opportunities, relationships and enriching experiences.

We believe that everyone has the right to decide their own future, to make their own decisions, and to have all information given to them in their language, in a way they can understand.  We actively seek feedback from people in our service and our stakeholders and ensure that we are acting on that feedback to enhance our services.

Array Services advocates.  We help to build capacity across our region and the Province.  We share knowledge and collaborate to facilitate ever-better programs and services, while keeping those we support at the centre of all we do.