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The people we serve are at the centre
of everything we do

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When communication improves, a person’s self-awareness grows, and so does their connection to their culture and community. That's why Array provides a unique Sign Language environment, where we work to ensure that those we serve have a community where they can communicate, work, learn and thrive.

We instill hope.

We know that by working together – with those we serve, their families, and our network of partners – people will achieve a higher quality of life, greater dignity, and attain their own goals whatever they might be. When someone new joins our community we work hard to ensure they can communicate and be understood. We support them to express wants, needs, and hopes.

At Array Services, those we serve experience a profound reduction in daily frustrations, and a lessening of isolation.

About Array Services

Array serves adults who demonstrate a developmental disability and who are Deaf, non-verbal or hard-of-hearing.  We exist to ensure all people have access to the tools they need to communicate effectively.

We are more than just a service-provider. Array is a one-of-a-kind place where people feel connected, can access supports and live life to their fullest potential. Our work enables people to connect and communicate with one-another and with the broader community in ways not otherwise available to them.

Array provides a unique American Sign Language (ASL) environment and we are proud of the important work we do. We bring together a community of people who can succeed because we match communications tools and techniques to their needs.

Communicating thoughts, feelings and ideas is a basic human need.  For those who don’t communicate with words, it can be a much more difficult path to connection,
belonging and living a full life.

For 40 years, we have been empowering people to develop the skills they need to communicate in a safe American Sign Language (ASL) environment.

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